Auf Wiedersehen in Winzig

The Star of "Auf Wiedersehen in Winzig"
This is the title of our new film which includes a very interesting life story of Rita Steinhardt Botwinick (of Winzig, Germany, now Winsko, Poland) and the life she left behind as she and her family made their daring escape from Nazi-led Germany to the USA in 1939.
It also involves all the German neighbors she left behind and with whom she eventually met when they all attended their yearly meeting.  This little town has been meeting up every year since 1952.  It is the extraordinary story of “Heimat”, losing one’s Heimat and regaining it again.
The theme of the house and home for these children of World War 2 still haunts them even today, when most find themselves in their late 70’s and 80’s.
Daring escapes, expulsions, atrocities of war and the hope of mankind never to repeat the past are all themes we can relate to in today’s world.