Who we are

Antje Dohrn was born in Berlin, Germany. She has an educational background as a University teacher in Foreign Languages and completed her PhD at the Technical University in Berlin. Her other career fields are writing, photography and documentary filming.
She was invited to show the trailer of her first 40-minutes documentary “How Berlin got the Blues” (Calypso Media Production) at SEEFest 2017 and contributes to the festival since 2019 as a documentary programmer.
For Calypso Media she is working on a full-length documentary called “Auf Wiedersehen in Winzig” which will be finished by Summer 2020. Another project is the documentary series about women in the entertainment industry. She also writes plays and screenplays.
Antje lived many years in Berlin, Germany and Bordeaux, France and currently lives in Barcelona, Spain.
Victoria Luther is an American who lived in Berlin, Germany for almost 30 years. She worked for the US Army in Berlin and then for a multinational company also based in Berlin. Gaining corporate experience in PR and Media relations, Vicki began making corporate videos as well as sales videos used to promote the launch of new products.
With Antje Dohrn, Calypso Media was founded in 2017 and our first production of “How Berlin got the Blues” was developed and produced.
Vicki currently lives in Miami and travels extensively to Berlin. The upcoming documentary “Auf Wiedersehen in Winzig” is the second production for Calypso Media.